Some common questions we get when we are working with a buyer is, How many homes should I look at before writing an offer? How many showings are too many? Have I seen enough homes to know if I am ready to take the next step? These questions always lead to a good discussion as buying a home is often one of the largest investments we will make in our lifetimes and at Patriot Realty we believe the process should be fun and our clients should be comfortable with each phase.

We have a philosophy that all showings are time well spent and the timeline to feel comfortable in writing an offer is always different because every buyer’s situation is different! Because of this, there is no set number of houses you should see before you make an offer. With different variables for each client including: budget, type of property, flexibility of timeline, etc., you should always maintain focus on what your ultimate goals are. When out on showings, it is always important for a buyer to be vocal about their opinions of each property so that their Realtor can better understand the entire scope of what the client is thinking. Understanding what a buyer is thinking when comparing and contrasting properties will ensure that we as agents can best serve our clients.

There is no set formula for home buying, it all depends on the criteria and goals for each buyer. Our goal as Realtors is to empower clients to feel great about the ultimate decision that they make. By keeping your focus on your main goals and trusting your agent to help throughout the process the home buying process should be fun, educational and successful! Feel free to reach out to our team at Patriot to help with your next purchase!

As the year comes to an end and we begin to ring in the new year, we want to thank everyone who has worked with us in 2019! It was a great year for everyone at Patriot Realty as we continued to grow our roster and find new ways to pass along savings to our clients. Our agents continue to take pride in serving many satisfied clients buying and selling both residential and commercial real estate. In 2019, individual agents as well as our collective team surpassed sales from all previous years, and we look forward to continued growth and elevating our benchmarks further in 2020!

In 2019, we welcomed new Realtors (men and women) to our team bringing us to a total of ten agents living and working in all corners of the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area. With the growth of roster and continued expansion we have opened up a new office in Minnetonka located on highway 7. By having office presence East (Roseville) and West (Minnetonka) and growing numbers of Realtors at Patriot, we will be even more equipped to help you with your next purchase or sale!

We are very grateful for all of our past clients and want to extend a special thank you to those of you we worked with in 2019! Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us if we can help in any way now or in the future. Keep your eyes open for our new website launching this February and Happy New Year from all of us at Patriot Realty!

When building a new construction home, one thing that some people may overlook is the concept of using a Realtor during the process. There are huge benefits that come with having an advocate in your corner looking out for YOUR best interests. In a new construction scenario when the builder is represented by an agent, if the future homeowner does not have their agent by their side, they are immediately at a negotiating disadvantage. An experienced agent can also keep a builder on track from a timeline standpoint and can act as an intermediary between the homeowner and the builder when there are difficult discussions that need to be had. As much as everyone wants the new construction process to be dream scenario without any issues or problems, we all know people who have bad experiences.

At Patriot Realty we have worked with countless builders in all corners of the Twin Cities and have the expertise to help you through all phases of the process. Because of this, we can help you through the decision making process to ensure that you get the details that you want in your new home, while also making selections for the home that will keep future resale value in mind. One thing that you might find interesting is that most builders in new construction developments have already calculated in an expense to pay our fee; if you don’t have representation then that fee likely ends up right on the builder’s bottom line. Ultimately it is important to have someone experienced on your side protecting you and simplifying the process for you. We would love to help and hope that you reach out to Patriot Realty if you are looking to build or buy new construction!

Should you waive the inspection?

In the rush to make your offer as attractive as possible, waiving the inspection may seem like a tempting option to get the seller to choose your offer over the competition. Here’s why that is a bad idea.

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