Patriot Realty Media Kit

The Patriot Realty brand is represented in many ways. It’s primarily demonstrated in how we conduct ourselves professionally, the service commitment we make to our clients, and following our company’s mission and vision.

This document is intended to provide clear, detailed direction on the use of the Patriot Realty brand—both the name and the visual representation of Patriot Realty Inc.

These standards are designed to help us present our logo and our image in a consistent way in all communication materials we need to produce.


For help with style, brand and graphic standards, contact:

Luke Juhl

The Logo: Core Elements

The logo consists of the logotype (Patriot Realty Inc) and a icon graphic that symbolizes the Patriot Realty banner.

The logo should not be redrawn, digitally manipulated, or altered. It must always be positioned in the format you see here. This document will show how the pictorial graphic can also stand alone.

The logo must always be reproduced using one of the available formats. The formats available are .eps, .jpg, and .png formats. Please ensure the appropriate format is used.


.eps: vector format, for use in print output at any size
.jpg: web and email
.png: web and email, background knocks out

The Logo: Recommended Sizing

Logo size consistency is important when producing a wide range of communications.

The logo always appears in a set size and standard position on all our communications.

Our logo must be clearly visible and reproduced consistently. For this reason a minimum size has been established. The minimum size is .25″ in height.

The logo does not have a maximum reproduction size.

The logo is reduced or enlarged proportionately to accommodate alternative sizes. It must never be compressed or expanded but always scaled up or down in proportion.




Primary Color Palettes

No color shall be used in place of either PMS 3005C or PMS 1795C.

Whenever the Patriot Realty corporate colors are combined with other colors, consideration of basic color theories need to be followed as shown here.

The color palettes shown here are appropriate when used with either PMS 3005C or PMS 1795C. Any additional colors used in combination with the Patriot Realty corporate colors will need to be approved by the Patriot Realty design lead and/ or Communications Manager.

Listed here are designations for the Pantone spot colors, CMYK, RGB, and HEX values.


Pantone 3005 C

C 84
M 49
Y 0
K 0

R 0
G 119
B 200

HEX 0077c8





Pantone 1795 C

C 11
M 98
Y 91
K 2

R 210
G 38
B 48

HEX d22630