Prepping For Winter – Whether You Like It Or Not

With the leaves and mercury dropping, time is running out to get your affairs in order before the snow starts sticking and the temps become, less than pleasant. In the Midwest, we know around this time of year we can be soaking in the sun one day and winter will be in full force the next. That is why it is so important to prepare your home, inside and out, for what’s to come. Beyond bringing out the winter clothes, here are some tasks to consider adding to your list:


Yard Cleanup

  • Rake or finely mulch leaves
  • Trim dead branches off trees (and those that might fall under the weight of snow or ice)
  • Mow a final time, and a bit shorter than you do in the summer

Roof & Gutters

  • Make sure your gutters are free of leaves and other debris
  • To help prevent ice dams, consider roof de-icing cables
  • Make sure your soffit vents are clear to ensure proper airflow


  • Winterize your exterior faucets and drain your garden hoses
  • If you have one, make sure your sprinkler system is blown out
  • Disconnect exterior sump pump hose to prevent freezing
  • Cover / put away any patio furniture
  • Get your winter tools ready – shovel, ice chipper, and salt


Doors & Windows

  • Check seals and weather stripping (this includes the one on your garage door)
  • Consider a door draft stopper if the gap is particularly large
  • Make sure all windows are closed and latched


  • Have the chimney cleaned
  • Get a furnace or boiler inspection/tune-up, replace filters, and check fuel levels (if propane or oil)

Extra Credit

  • Make a winter survival/safety kit for your home and car
  • Keep your vehicle’s gas tank at least half full during the coldest months to help prevent condensation build-up in the fuel line

If you have questions about how to properly prep you home, please reach out to us.  Patriot Realty is happy to give advice or direct you to one of our trusted and preferred vendors who can help before your yard turns into a winter wonderland!