Who to Trust?

Going to court? Bring a lawyer. Need surgery? Find the best doctor. When it comes time to navigate life’s big obstacles, you’ll need someone on your side you can trust. But how can you know they’re really on your side? Will they follow through with everything they’ve promised while meeting and exceeding your expectations?

At Patriot Realty, we have core standards that we work and live by to deliver great experiences and consistent results for you. It is important to us that our clients feel fortunate to have found Patriot Realty for their buying and selling needs. We want you to understand a few of the standards included when working with us:

Setting Expectations

Before any successful transaction can take place, it is important to set realistic expectations on both sides. For example, a realtor might expect a client to:

  • Show interest in market trends to improve preparedness
  • Be comfortable with keeping a schedule
  • Have a quick response time to daily showing requests or phone calls and emails
  • Understand the market value of a specific property (a good realtor will use recent market data to help you with this)

The expectations you should demand from your realtor aren’t very different. A few examples that great agents should maintain every day include:

  • Show respect for the clients schedule and be timely with all appointments
  • Respond quickly with accurate information that will support and help a client with decision making
  • Have a deep knowledge of real estate valuation by location
  • Communicate openly to ensure that a client is truly receiving the guidance and support needed in today’s fast paced market

The list of expectations you have for your realtor may be similar or slightly different. At the end of the day, always make sure you share your priorities with your Realtor. It will be extremely important to find a mutual understanding of expectations to properly map out the future phases of the transaction.

Achieve Results

At the end of the day, this is what both parties should be looking for! There may be house projects or paperwork for you to complete, but this is more about your realtor achieving results on your behalf. Some of the behind-the-scenes work includes:

  • Finding comparable homes (comps) in the area to set buying/selling expectations
  • Pre-sale consults to ensure that a home is properly de-cluttered / staged and that any items on the “fix it” list are addressed prior to photography and showings
  • Discussing pricing strategy for sales and the potential scenario of multiple offers for both buyers and sellers
  • Scheduling showings for buyers promptly based on clients availability to ensure that the swift market does not pass someone by

This list encompasses some of the important items needed, so be sure to stay in constant communication with your realtor so you know where you are in the process.

Trust / Transparency

Transparency is the core standard that links all others. Without it, proper expectations may not be known and results are difficult to achieve. It is also one which must be present for both parties. For example, be prepared to share with your realtor important dates, desired transaction amounts, limitations, expectations, and any reservations you have about the process. Your realtor should be at the ready with answers. Transparency should be and feel like 100% honesty. Neither party should ever feel like they are holding anything back, because without trust and transparent conversations the process will be difficult to move forward.

You should also be aware of how your realtor is incentivized, as this can often directly impact their actions throughout the process. The graphic below is a brief explanation of how incentives work at Patriot Realty. If you have any questions about this list, or would like to learn more about our process, please reach out!

Hypothetical Sales Projections

Prior to mortgage payoff & closing costs

Your Sale Price




Brokerage Cut




Estimated Proceeds




Estimated Proceeds




Brokerage Cut




Your Sale Price




Patriot Realty Saves You




Estimated proceeds calculated before deduction of morgage, title fees, etc. Also based on Patriot Realty Fee of 4.9% and Competition Fee of 7%.



How We Save You Money

Patriot Realty

No Broker Admin Fees

Professional Photography Included

Professional Marketing Materials Included

The Competition

Up to $695 Broker Admin Fee

Professional Photography Not Guaranteed

Professional Marketing Materials Not Guaranteed


Other Factors That May Affect Sale And Price

Invested in Client’s Needs and Goals

Less Likelihood for Dual Agency

at PATRIOT REALTY, our team strives to maximize your net proceeds while managing the process from beginning to end.




The experts at Patriot Realty will provide a free consultation to answer questions about the home selling process. After the consultation and a tour of your home, we can provide a free market analysis with estimated value based on the most recent market trends.

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