Confident Selling: Why to Have an Agent on Your Side

It’s 2018 and gone are the days of sticking a “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) sign in the yard hoping someone will call your landline to offer the correct amount for your home. There are many tools available to sellers for listing independently but also many pitfalls in doing this at all stages of selling your home:


Before you even list your home, it is important to answer questions such as:

  • How will I list and market my home?
  • What is the value of my home?
  • What are the past and upcoming trends in my neighborhood?
  • What disclosure obligations and liabilities are associated with selling a home?

Licensed agents have a multitude of resources at their disposal to help you price your home appropriately. Additionally, they have the ability to cast a wide net in terms of marketing your home and getting it in front of more eyes. While you may be able to get your home on sites like Zillow, most individuals don’t have the extended professional network that real estate agents do. This network, including most importantly the MLS, increases exposure for your home and helps you sell faster and for the most money.

Listing & Sale

You may be able to list your home on sites like Zillow easily enough, but are you able to confidently answer these questions?

  • How familiar are you with how to properly list your home?
  • How familiar are you with negotiating with real estate agents for buyers? 
    • Some agents are fearful that a home listed FSBO will be a much more difficult option compared to other options that are available in the neighborhood. FSBO sellers have the perception of being potentially unreasonable to work with and also may be unwilling to pay the buyer’s agent a fee.
    • “NEWS FLASH” If a buyer’s agent is willing to schedule a showing and bring a buyer through a home listed FSBO, then that agent will be expecting compensation if they plan to write an offer and get a deal to the closing table. This is one thing that is often overlooked on FSBO listings.
    • Once an agent does present an offer to you and the negotiating begins, it is very common for the buyer’s agent and the buyer to “win” the negotiation because of the agent representation involved. Seller’s likely just don’t have the tools to negotiate properly or maximize their net proceeds.
  • Do you have ample free time for showings? Are you able to prioritize these showings to tell who is serious about buying your home?
  • What is your experience with the paperwork and legality around selling a home?
    • Not everyone is a lawyer. If you are, you’re probably too busy for everything that comes with selling your home on your own! A seller needs to be worried about fraud, negligence, breach of contract, and more.

If any of these questions make you a bit nervous, that’s completely normal! Our agents are experienced and eager to help make you confident in the process of selling your home.

Fees – 2.2% For The “Listing Side” Commission (Buyer’s Agent Commission Additional)

Since we have determined that most buyer’s agents are going to be expecting a fee even if you are selling FSBO, and since we have determined that the best way to likely maximize sales proceeds is to cast a wide net via the MLS, don’t you want representation on your side too?

  • Included for a nominal listing side commission fee of 2.2% from Patriot Realty Inc., a seller receives the following: professional photography, professional marketing materials, MLS listing access, secure showings scheduled by licensed real estate agents, clerical support, disclosure documents, transaction management between loan officers, title representatives, and buyer’s brokers, as well as the huge component of negotiating for YOU to ensure that the check that you take home from the closing table is what it should be.
  • It is our belief that if we are hired to represent a seller, the 2.2% we are paid will at a minimum be gained back by the seller strictly from a negotiating standpoint, and all of the other items listed in the bullet points above come along with it at no extra charge!

The agents at Patriot Realty stand at the ready to help you prep, list, and sell your home.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions or are ready to get started!

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