The Hunt is On!

hunting for your next house?

It can be exhausting hunting for your next house, not to mention trying to decide which app or website to use. While these apps and websites are often easy and convenient, it seems like every year the number of these sites and apps grows exponentially, making the decision of where to start your search and knowing what information to trust even more difficult.

You should know Patriot Realty never sees these tools as competition. If you are looking to buy a house, we want you to be as engaged as possible and make sure we are working together as a team to find that perfect home. Sites like Zillow and Trulia are an excellent way for you to view houses online or from your phone. They will help you get a feel for the neighborhood and the market that you are searching in. Something you may not have noticed though, is that the homes you see for sale can vary widely between each site or app you use.

The only way to get 100% real time accurate information for all listings is to have a private MLS search customized to you that is setup by a licensed realtor accessing the MLS. The next best option to view the most up to date listing information is to use a search tool connected directly to the MLS, like our “find a home” tab on our website. Using all of these tools in concert with one another is the best way of knowing which homes are actually available for consideration.

Again, the team at Patriot Realty wants to make sure you are as empowered as possible when it comes time to find your next home. To advise you against using the most modern methods of a home search is not our intention. We do however want to make sure you get accurate information that will be helpful to you. If you do have questions about the tools, sites, and methods we use, or would like some direction on which ones to use yourself, please contact us anytime.

Happy hunting!