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Patriot Realty Vision

Patriot Realty embraces the ever-changing real estate industry, and we will grow as a company by acting as a leader to foster improved practices and outcomes. By focusing on enduring customer care, our vision of consistently providing an unparalleled customer experience will help shape Patriot Realty.


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Patriot Realty Mission

For our clients:

Patriot Realty is proud to offer the best service, ongoing support and extensive expertise to all of our clients looking to buy or sell residential real estate.

For our team members:

It is also extremely gratifying to provide an ideal work environment for all members of the Patriot Realty team as we know this directly translates to better experiences and outcomes for clients. Work with the experts at Patriot Realty

Setting a new standard

  • No broker administration fees
  • Actively seeking cost saving strategies to pass on to clients
  • Emphasis placed on negotiating strategies while applying the mindset of always treating our clients’ money as if it were our own