Should you waive the inspection?

In the rush to make your offer as attractive as possible, waiving the inspection may seem like a tempting option to get the seller to choose your offer over the competition. Here’s why that is a bad idea.

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2018 was a fantastic year at Patriot Realty. We have our current and past clients to thank along with many other industry partners that we work with to help clients achieve their goals! Highlights in 2018 include adding 2 additional licensed Realtors, bringing our team at Patriot Realty to 8. We also are fortunate to have new office space in Roseville near the corner of Snelling and Larpenteur! With our licensed agents living in all corners of the greater Minneapolis / St. Paul area, there is an expert from our team to help you wherever he/she may be needed.

Despite the fact that we are in the middle of winter and the busy holiday Season, we see opportunities in the market and hope that you reach out to discuss any needs or goals. We value all of our relationships with current and past clients and look forward to meeting new contacts and learning about each and every one of them. Our team at Patriot Realty wants to wish everyone a great 2019!

Your team at Patriot Realty

When winter begins its inevitable decline in temperatures, it is often the case that the home selling market follows suit. In fact, you may remember this graph from our October blog post last year: Continue reading ..

With the leaves and mercury dropping, time is running out to get your affairs in order before the snow starts sticking and the temps become, less than pleasant. In the Midwest, we know around this time of year we can be soaking in the sun one day and winter will be in full force the next. Continue reading ..

If you have been looking to buy a home through the summer months you may have noticed that the market was incredibly competitive. Seasonality, inventory (or lack there of), bidding wars, and general market optimism have made it difficult to get into the home of your dreams, Continue reading ..


Who to Trust?

Going to court? Bring a lawyer. Need surgery? Find the best doctor. When it comes time to navigate life’s big obstacles, you’ll need someone on your side you can trust. But how can you know they’re really on your side? Will they follow through with everything they’ve promised while meeting and exceeding your expectations?
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It’s 2018 and gone are the days of sticking a “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) sign in the yard hoping someone will call your landline to offer the correct amount for your home. There are many tools available to sellers for listing independently but also many pitfalls in doing this at all stages of selling your home:


Before you even list your home, it is important to answer questions such as:

  • How will I list and market my home?
  • What is the value of my home?
  • What are the past and upcoming trends in my neighborhood?
  • What disclosure obligations and liabilities are associated with selling a home?

Licensed agents have a multitude of resources at their disposal to help you price your home appropriately. Additionally, they have the ability to cast a wide net in terms of marketing your home and getting it in front of more eyes. While you may be able to get your home on sites like Zillow, most individuals don’t have the extended professional network that real estate agents do. This network, including most importantly the MLS, increases exposure for your home and helps you sell faster and for the most money. Continue reading ..

We are going to make a bold prediction (though with Minnesota, it could be more of a gamble). The snow is behind us! And while spring formally started on March 20th, it seems to have finally sprung.

Timing, Inventory, and Rates

Like trees beginning to bud in our yard, home buyers are scheduling time with their realtors to tour homes and neighborhoods. As we have discussed before, the inventory for homes is declining. Now is the perfect time to list your home if you are looking to sell. Due to the recent trend of rising interest rates for buyers, time could be of the essence as borrowing power decreases. Continue reading ..